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Shine Customer Knowledge Limited is a digital marketing data agency that specialises in analysing customer data in real-time. Their in-the-moment solutions allow businesses to adapt their marketing communications, according to the profile of each customer, within a fraction of a second. This helps clients to increase their overall return on investment across all their marketing activities.

Their logo represents the fact that Customer Knowledge is at the centre of their proposition. The banner highlights their focus on individual customers and the three subheadings are a strong message regarding the key services.


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The site is fully responsive and is optimise for Google search engine rankings.


The Shine CK Team page

The pedigree of the founding directors is the core strength of Shine CK, so it is important to bring this to the fore.


Shine CK’s MD – Barry Leeson-Earle

With a consultative approach to business, like Shine CK’s, the individuals are effectively a product, so a catalogue approach to the personal profiles works well.