Multi-Outlet Marketing

Having a Facebook Page is just the beginning

Businesses with multiple outlets generally follow one of two routes on Facebook:

  1. One group Page; or
  2. A separate Page for each individual outlet.

The result: A national page with little local activity, or many local pages with little or no content, leading to poor user engagement and wasted time and resources.

multi-outlet marketingThe more sophisticated approach is to implement Facebook’s Locations functionality, (previously called Facebook Parent-Child,) in an effort to engage at a local, regional or divisional level. Even this is not a complete solution and often leads to:

  • Brand inconsistency
  • Lower quality and quantity of content
  • Fragmented audience
  • Reduced local engagement
  • Poor customer experience
  • Fewer conversions

Enhance your digital presence

The digiTall solution leverages Facebook’s existing Locations capability to connect your Location Pages to your brand Page in a structured manner. We provide a multi-platform management tool that is fully integrated with Facebook, enabling it to work perfectly across desktop and mobile.


You are able to cascade content to all your pages, raising awareness and driving conversion at local level. You can measure results in real-time, as well as monitor conversations occurring across your entire Facebook network.

facebook-locations-example facebook-locations-example

An effective social search strategy enhances your brand’s visibility in Facebook, increasing the likelihood your company will be found by those seeking social recommendations on products and services in your marketplace.